About Us

Xide Technology Inc. ("Xide") is a tech startup established by an entrepreneurial team, supported by advisors who include experienced traders, practitioners and researchers in North American stock markets.

One of Xide's major innovations and breakthroughs is its X-Empirical Modeling ("XEM"), developed by Xide team. Xide has been testing the XEM model by using real historical data, virtually for all stocks trading in the US and Canadian stock markets. We are very thrilled that our XEM modeling is proven so successful, accurate and satisfactory as demonstrated in historical real data simulations, real-time data demonstrations, return & risk assessments, market momentum calibrations, and stock price forecasts including T+1 day and + 1 month. Particularly for T+1 day forecasts, Xide adopts an algorithm developed by a financial engineer who holds a master's degree in financial engineering from New York University (NY, USA), and is also a certified Financial Risk Manager ("FRM") by Global Association of Risk Professionals ("GARP") in the USA. This financial engineer has also provided much valuable research for the successful modelling of XEM.

Therefore, we are pleased to share our XEM modeling with all relevant results to all visitors and registered users of our website who are equity investors, researchers or analysts interested in global stock markets like you. Thank you!